I’m Proud to be a Gay Porn Star

This week I read an article out of HuffPost Gay Voices that I really liked. The article is titled “How Gay Porn Helped Build the Gay Rights Movement,” authored by Mike Stabile, journalist and director of the upcoming film Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story. The article praises early pornographers’ […]

On Cultural Theft

This is a special guest article written by “Chief”. Chief writes at PostersOnTheWall.com, and is a contributor for Qulture.org.   Gay men, and especially gay white men, have a cultural fetish for Black women, and too often emulate a stereotyped subset of Black women in speech, tone, and action. In an open […]

PrEP and Slut-Shaming

When addressing proponents of Truvada as PrEP, Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, had this to say: “In the last few days in terms of the people who have been yelling the loudest about Truvada, they’ve all been associated with bareback porn. They’re all associated with bareback porn, which […]