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Bill O’reilly, Snoop Dogg and Illegal immigration

Bill O’Reilly is a nuisance, and a particularly dangerous one. He is a nuisance because he perpetuates conservative myths, and he is dangerous because of the influence he wields. Lately, O’Reilly has been critical of liberals for supposedly being too compassionate and labeling the recent influx of immigrants at the […]

Liberal Intolerance

As a liberal, I consider one of my values to be tolerance, especially tolerance in the workplace. That is to say I support a workplace environment that tolerates differences in gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and creed. I might be aware of my coworker’s religious beliefs that I consider to be intolerant, and I might vehemently disagree with him, but so long as both of us agree on a tolerant, inclusive and positive work environment, and leave our differences at the door, I see no reason for him to be denied or pressured out of employment. Unfortunately, this seems to be what happened to Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla Corp., for previously donating to the campaign of Proposition 8, a ballot initiative to illegalize same-sex marriage in California. As a liberal who values tolerance in the workplace, I find this very disheartening.