Straight Pride


Anyone aware of the civil rights struggle in the US and around the world should find the above photo utterly ridiculous. It was being shared by a page on Facebook called “Right Wing News”. The photo is a symptom of the reactionary movement against civil rights. This dynamic is typical in history—there is always a counter-revolution, or a reactionary movement, to any movement that opposes the establishment. This photo is nothing more than some ignorant person pretending to stand up for the “oppressed majority”. He or she is making fun of the struggles of the minority, in this case, LGBT citizens.

Any minority that has overcome oppression warrants pride in themselves and a celebration for each historical benchmark achieved. Any straight person that wants to pretend he or she is being oppressed because gays are making progress toward equality, and they are proud of it, is nothing less than a bigot.

This photo is equivalent to what the disingenuous conservative pundits are doing in the media by accusing homosexuality of being shoved in their face simply because Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on ESPN. Homosexuality is not being shoved in their face. It is being treated equally. Yes, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on ESPN was a big deal because it was symbolic of a historical benchmark, and we gays have every reason to be proud, but it wasn’t homosexuality being shoved in anyone’s face anymore than hetereosexuality gets shoved into the faces of gay citizens, which is exactly what the above photo is doing.

This photo is a mockery of LGBT citizens and our struggle. It is disingenuous because it assumes that heterosexual citizens have had to go through—and are going through—what we have had to go through to achieve equality. The heterosexual mainstream has never been marginalized. The photo is backward for the same reason that a “White History Month” proposal should be laughed at—it’s asinine. It is asinine because it rosily glosses over the struggle of an entire racial minority.

When any person says they feel as if homosexuality is being shoved in their face by the advocacy for civil rights, what they are really telling you is they are disgusted by gays and that said person is bothered by seeing or hearing anything having to do with being gay. The above photo is nothing more than some bigoted individual trying to be cute.

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  1. you must realize that there’s alot of bisexual men join at gay pride, some of them are your friend in the same biz or underwear that those identified as bi

  2. I am almost willing 2 bet that people would hang this most OFFENSIVE sign would be the first 2 say they are n BIGOTED but rather they are just standing up for STR8 people rights . I cannot recall a time when some was discriminated against simply because they were STR8 nor can I recall a time when someone lost his or her job because they were STR8 and I cannot recall a time that someone was badly beating up because of being or assumed to be STR8 . This sign is NO less OFFENSIVE than the signs that once hung reading WHITE ONLY rest rooms or WHITE ONLY water fountains . I use to subscribe to notion of IGNORANCE IS BLISSED what you do not know you do not want to know well closing your eyes to this type of HATRED and BIGOTRY is not BLISSED it just plain ASS FUCKING STUPID and I refuse to be SILENT ANYMORE !!!

    1. What’s offensive about it? I find the rainbow flag offensive, but that’s ok? You can have your rights….I don’t care if you marry. I don’t. Have at it. You are human..I am human. But my beliefs are my beliefs as yours are yours. If you cannot walk the EQUALITY LINE, then don’t preach it. You are doing EXACTLY to Christians/Straight people that you THINK we are doing to you. THAT is why I refuse to be silent. Your double standards….sue the Christian bakery, but you have the “special” rights to deny my straight pride cake. Huh huh. get it yet?

  3. HAHAHAHAH…..offensive?? To deter against civil rights?? NO…it’s expressing OUR beliefs and the fact we are THANKFUL and PRIDEFUL we ARE NOT gay. It’s a call for OUR rights, as well. You want EQUAL rights, you better walk that line and practice it. That means, get rid of your double standards. No SPECIAL rights. This LGBT Pride Month? Gotta go unless I can have my CHRISTIAN pride month..or STRAIGHT PRIDE month. Let’s be honest, in this day and age, being straight, Christian, and simply disagreeing with the LGBT lifestyle is enough to get you lynched! Unless you can swallow my beliefs and let me do what you do, you better not make me swallow yours. PERIOD. HUGE double standards in the LGBT community.

  4. If you are in a majority group you can still have pride. Nobody is saying you can’t. Unless you have lived with oppression though, you don’t get a platform. Everyone agrees that we should all be treated equal. There is no “straight cause” that needs change through awareness so be glad that you were born with a golden ticket and stfu.

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