Fake social media and social/dating/hook-up app profiles impersonating me, known as “catfishing”, are becoming a nuisance for me lately. I’m working to get all of my social media accounts verified, but in the meantime here is a list of all my official social media accounts. Please do not regard anything else as authentic.







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  1. Josiah i suggest you find a friend who knows about computers to hire part time to keep away scammers and people trolling. Don’t go to a middle man company who no one trusts including the company. Someone who spends 10 hours a week and looking around for people imitating you and finding out the legal action needed to take could bring countless benefits to you and stop the people who already have money from making money off your looks and talent and personality simply because they know how to do things the dirty way. let me know if you need any help. talk to you later xxx richard birk xxx

  2. Dear Mr. Jennings: I read your article about Blacks and Asians being prejudiced against in the adult film industry, and l do agree with you. I have seen this for a number of years, and it continues to this day. Few studios take the chance, but the film may be seen once,if at all. I think it will take people like you to speak up within the industry for any changes to come about. I know some people say it’s a matter of sexual preference, but this situation goes deeper than that. I thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and your honesty in subjects that most people find taboo. We of course are sexual beings and unfortunately most people are too frightened to explore or admit what lies within the core of all of us. Thank you so much for what you say and what you do. You are an inspiration and express it all so eloquently.

  4. Hey, Just wanted to politely nudge you to update your blog a little more…some of us enjoy your thoughts, and commentary on pop culture…as well as the industry. 😁

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