“Know yourself and seek self-improvement.”

I was in the United States Marine Corps years ago, for those of you who don’t know. I never deployed while in service, so I don’t pretend to have made the same sacrifices that many of my brothers and sisters have had to make, but nevertheless I learned a lot during my enlistment.

One of the 11 leadership principles in the Marine Corps is “Know yourself and seek self-improvement”. I’ve always been partial to this┬áprinciple because its somewhat philosophical in nature. It’s a principle that’s important during and long after one’s time in service. Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking in this area lately and I’m disappointed in myself. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but in the spirit of such I’m making a conscious effort to continue embodying this Marine Corps principles, for all of 2017 and beyond.

3 Replies to ““Know yourself and seek self-improvement.””

  1. You’re 100 percent correct…and damn you for making you sexier to this fan. I turned 50 today and as you get older you hold that lesson to task year after year and of course become sexier and sexier for it. Thank you for an always enjoyable posting.

  2. Your presence in the world, is one of the beautiful of my life
    But this world for the sake of being mortal, though it is disappointing.
    Find hope elsewhere

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