An Appeal to Our Humanity (Part 2)

You’ll notice this is “part 2” of a blog article titled “An Appeal to Our Humanity.” Originally, this title was going to be part of a series of my own personal critiques and insights about individual policies and issues since Trump was elected, however so much has taken place that I really gave up in trying to blog about Trump in this way.

What I’ve done here is taken a string of Facebook posts I’ve posted in the last 24 hours and put them all together, because I think they pretty much sum up the direction all of this is headed, but then again, I hope not. I hope it’s all a bunch of paranoid bullshit when it’s all said and done, and I really mean that. Anyway, so this is what’s been going on:

1. Russian propaganda heavily injected into US social media targeting specific states, counties, and demographics in order to influence a US presidential election; attempted hacks on voting machines

2. Evidence of Trump campaign correspondence and coordination with WikiLeaks against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee

3. Election of Donald Trump as POTUS, who refused to release tax returns and has several financial ties to Russia; evidence of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and staffers with ties to Russian oligarchs/mob bosses

4. Funneling of millions of dollars in dark money via The Wellspring Committee in order to stall the nomination of Merrick Garland by then President Barack Obama; once Obama was out of office, this same committee spent millions to push through the nomination of Neil Gorsuch and continue to push for federal judicial appointments across all of government, ones with little to no experience on the bench, but with extreme conservative viewpoints

5. Gerrymandering continues to shape voting blocs at the local level; voter suppression continues to disproportionately target minority groups (particularly the Black vote) which tend to vote Democrat; Trump’s Voter-Fraud Commission has floated bogus claims about voting data and has been largely secretive in its on-goings (item #4–a judiciary stacked with ultra conservatives–will make it increasingly, if not impossible, to challenge election tampering in the courts)

6. Mass layoffs, forced retirements, and stalled appointments in the State Department, essentially weakening the United States’ effectiveness on the world stage, giving the Kremlin more room to act with impunity and forge alliances

7. Erosion of the media (“fake news”) and academia credibility through lies and continued dissemination of propaganda by the Trump Administration; distraction of the media and the world with bullshit on Twitter

8. FCC is attempting to roll back net neutrality, essentially ceding control of the flow of information to only a handful of media conglomerates (which lean heavily conservative); FCC website and comments tampered with – nearly half of which are linked to Russian bots

9. Infiltration of NSA’s most top secret hacker group, T.A.O., and subsequent theft of some of the NSA’s most sophisticated cyber warfare tools by something called the Shadow Brokers group

10. Instability and incipient deterioration of the European Union, beginning with Brexit; extremist views on the rise and the accumulation of power by extremist political groups in Europe

11. The US Congress is paralyzed; the electorate is so polarized that our politics have become utterly toxic and deadlocked; we’ve white nationalists, some with violent intent, with the President’s ear and confidence

And that’s not even everything, really. I mean… how much more does it take before enough people realize this isn’t just politics as usual?

There’s no beating around the bush about this:

We’re witnessing a Republican Party coup, which is now the party of Trump and conservative extremists, i.e. white nationalists, or an attempt at one, anyway, aided and abetted by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

Or rather, more aptly put: Vladimir Putin has managed to outplay the United States and all but pave the path to authoritarianism for us, and the Republican Party welcomed it with open arms, as he knew it would.

Why? Well, Putin never stopped fighting the Cold War. Putin recognized the next big war, the war we’re currently fighting, would be cyber warfare and a war of (mis)information. Social media has been one of his and Trump’s biggest allies.

With the United States battling to save its own republic amid flaring nationalist and racist attitudes, and with Europe deteriorating both politically and economically starting with Brexit (before then even), Putin’s power grows. China’s influence expands. The US may or may not descend into a political state that all but amounts to authoritarianism.

What does this mean? Perhaps in the Information Age, the age of things like social media and a society on the cusp of artificial intelligence or something resembling such, authoritarian governments are the only kind of governments that can withstand the strain that the rapid dissemination of mass amounts of information, both true and false, puts on a government and a society.

It’s increasingly looking like that, anyway. We may can salvage this with the 2018 mid-term elections, but even then it does not address the fundamental flaws currently facing the the US system. Or…maybe I’m just being paranoid. I don’t even know at this point.

If you listen to behind-the-scenes political operatives like Steve Bannon keep asserting that Donald Trump is going to win in an electoral college landslide in 2020 DESPITE Trump’s extremely low approval ratings thus far, then you should ask yourself, “How is he THAT confident in making that claim?” There’s a reason – because they’ve slowly been undermining the election process and ways that the People could possibly check them on this: via the the courts, and if the FCC rolls back regulations, then it will severely cripple (potentially and most likely) the ways activists and voters can organize.


2 Replies to “An Appeal to Our Humanity (Part 2)”

  1. Your insight into this subject is fascinating. I have never read an explanation of the current political climate like yours before. You make sense. What are your thoughts regarding if Mike Pence becomes President? I have always felt that he was the bigger problem because when Trump finishes his job and is no longer in office for whatever reason, Pence will keep things as they are and magnify the situation. He is the ideal Republican who will face little opposition. His allegiance to Trump is despicable for someone who claims to be Christian.

    “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama.

    Donald Trump and the Republicans are hurting us and too many people in our government with the real power to stop this is allowing the hurt to continue and get stronger.

  2. I know you are probably very busy but please keep posting. This, like your prior posts, is so important. Everything you’ve said here bears out, and we need voices like yours even more than ever.

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