Revolution: If You Want Something Done ‘Left’, Do It Yourself

The persistent mischaracterization of Sanders-supporters implies many still do not understand the fundamental problem underlying our politics vìs-a-vìs ‘late-stage capitalism’. The problem is endemic to capitalism: hugely amassed quantities of capital, AKA wealth inequality. Things cannot (be llowed to) proceed as they were prior to the arrival of the novel #coronavirus.

It is for this very reason most of all why Biden is the worst possible Democratic nominee. Biden is a neoliberal corporatist Democrat—AKA centrist; AKA an opportunistic infection to progress. Whereas Trump is certainly the most immediate threat to our lives, a Biden presidency would only serve to put capitalism on life support and extend the old system far beyond a stable expiration.

While it will for a time seem as if we have regained some semblance of normalcy, it only serves to obscure the underlying root of this madness, including but not limited to our inability to adequately prepare and respond to the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as provide an elixir to the grotesque injustices laid bare by the virus now writ large across the country for all the world to see.

Consequently, leftists such as myself needn’t waste precious time trying to convince would-be skeptics of what is now patently obvious: there presently exist very real, tangible problems from which Americans are suffering. It is this suffering that has implications as to the cost of complacency, or worse—of desperately clinging to the system; which, by the way, any centrist Democrat is wont to do. 

Thus, we come full-circle to the realization that the solution to our problems lies not down any path set before us by either of the two parties, nor does it lie with “compromise”; on the contrary—the solution to our problems lies in the outright rejection of the two-party system and of capitalism itself, for it is far time the United States evolved.

Such that it should hold, We the People of these United States, in order to form an even more perfect Union, must finally establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, in order to ordain and establish a new Constitution, this time for the Democratic Socialist Republic of the United States of America.

It is for the greater good of America and for world, and for the promise of a dignified future, that we move strongly and with all haste toward orchestrating this transition. We must come to bury both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, capitalism, and whatever systems depend on it.

We cannot simply erase our morally problematic past nor should we try, nor can we deny that old wounds have been reopened; but under a new system – under democratic socialism – governed exclusively by labor, functioning as its mind, body and soul, we can finally set upon the path to healing rather than the never-ending path of partisan divide borne of America’s original sin: slavery. We get but a single life, insofar as anyone can tell—one life of a hundred or so years. Unfortunately, we do not and have never had the luxury of time. Change must come now; change is upon us!

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  1. I stopped reading at “Socialist”. Although this all seems quite beautiful, I am in a country that “prides” itself of having a socialist constitution and, right now, a leftist government. Whenever the left is in charge of power, corruption and dissatisfaction increases without exceptions! Bankruptcy is always an increasing threat and when the center-right comes to power (Social Democrats), they are left with a bakrupted country, forced to put it back to the tracks and even are labeled as the evil dudes.
    No, I do not call for the far right in power. God forbid it, but I do call for some sanity. Something that the left ALWAYS fails to deliver. Also, one country based on welfare will spend so much more than it will ever earn. Then again, experience out of my own government. The left is a very “beautiful” concept, that is usually twisted by the lunatics in power.

  2. Agreed, and what makes the system all the more ripe to tumble is the complete and total degeneration of the ruling class. Like the Ancien Regime in France or early 19th century Tsarist Russia, Americans have lived in the fever dream that the top of society is somehow immune from the corruptions of the remainder of it. Convinced of the moral divinity of the oligarchy and myths of their past patriarchal philanthropy, the people petition those who sit on the capstone to check the powers of the corrupted elite below them. It wasn’t until the flight to Varennes that the French realized the truth of their king, and it wasn’t until Tsarist guards fired on thousands of innocent Russians in front of the Winter Palace in 1905 that they realized that the monarch was not a check on the power of a lesser ruling class. It wasn’t until these moments, where the whole of society realized that the they could not petition the very top to keep their interests safe from a divine system corrupted, that true revolution could begin. It was then that they recognized their society had not been corrupted, but that the society itself was the corruption.

    And is that not what Americans, increasingly hungry and growing more broke by the day, are doing today? Moderates cheer the establishment for whatever light shove they pretend to do on behalf of the people. People check their bank accounts eagerly, panting like dogs, for $1,200 – a fraction of what most elites spend on their average lunch, Our TVs are flooded with commercials from every corporation from Chevrolet to Amazon stating how they “are here for you.” Stocking shelves at Whole Foods and delivering pizzas for Dominos are presented as gifts to those most in need. We continue to petition the top, awaiting a salve that will never come because the top is not here to salvage anything, it is here to perpetuate the system that exists solely, and has only existed solely, to maintain the tiny pebble of a population that sits on us all.

    If history has shown us anything, however, it is that that pebble has become entirely inept. The generations that designed it – amoral yet genius – are long gone or are too frail to act on it’s behalf. Generations coddled by extraordinary privilege and absence of any kind of merit at all have taken the wheel. Ironically, they too are blinded by the extraordinary aesthetic of their own lives. The courts of Versailles and Peterhoff, designed to awe the people into submission, awed too much those who inherited them. As Americans become more hungry, as they become more broke, as the divisions of their society begin to subside under a collective hunger pang, we’ll see this new generation – inept, spoiled, ignorant – do the only thing they know how to; recede further and further into their penthouses and luxury. They are so incredibly far removed from the pains of their own people, they’ll make misstep after misstep, and be clueless as to why each action they take only increases that anger. Louis XVI could not remedy the struggles of the people because he was so far removed from what those struggles were to being with. Nicholas II similarly could not prevent the collapse of the Tsarist system because the luxury that surrounded him distracted him from the waves of hunger and poverty that began to crash against it.

    What we will see is the very top of our society entirely unable to remedy the struggles of the people from not just lack of want, but from being so far removed from it they will hardly be able to comprehend it. By their own ignorance, their own stupidity, their own distance from the plight of the average American they have rotted their own podium from within. This includes the democratic establishment, which will act aghast when their siren song of unity and compromise will be drowned out by the cries of the people. That being said, they are entirely incapable of redressing the innumerable grievances that their rule has created, and should be excluded from the reformation of this society.

    Thanks for putting your writing out there, and please continue to do so.

  3. Sean, your language is amazing!

    I’m afraid I can’t relate much to what you’re talking about since I’m not an American citizen; moreover, I’m not even a native speaker of English, but it was a great pleasure to read your thoughts. Have you ever considered writing a novel or some editorials? I think you’d do a great job!

    Greetings from a loyal fan from Western Siberia (^_^)

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