Author: Josiah Jennings

“Drugs Are Bad, M’kay?” Well, mostly… posted an article last week citing Center for Disease Control and Prevention data for the three most deadly drugs in the United States for the year 2011. Surprisingly, the three deadliest drugs in the United States for 2011 were tobacco, alcohol and prescription painkillers. Tobacco was responsible for 480,000 […]

Bill O’reilly, Snoop Dogg and Illegal immigration

Bill O’Reilly is a nuisance, and a particularly dangerous one. He is a nuisance because he perpetuates conservative myths, and he is dangerous because of the influence he wields. Lately, O’Reilly has been critical of liberals for supposedly being too compassionate and labeling the recent influx of immigrants at the […]

Political Correctness

There seems to be a growing misunderstanding of political correctness. Many people view political correctness as a trivial limitation on their freedom of speech. They get mad when proponents of political correctness, such as myself, tell them they shouldn’t use certain words and phrases. They often argue that we’re just […]