To be truly “pro-choice” is necessarily to ask a child whether that child desires to exist in the first place, but this is, obviously, an impossibility. Thus, the ethical question incumbent upon any potential parent, knowing what existence entails, is whether it is ethical to bring life into this world, notwithstanding the particulars of individual circumstances (though, these circumstances are indeed relevant.)

We often despair at the suffering in this world, and at the human capacity for that which we deem “evil”, yet parents persist in bringing life into this world, anyway. All of these issues begin at the inception of human consciousness, and it is the parent that has taken it upon oneself to create said consciousness. A parent is, therefore, morally responsible for what this child will endure in this world, as well as the evil this child will potentially inflict upon the world, whether actively or passively inflicted, intentionally or unwittingly.

Such strife is easily avoided by deciding to not have children altogether. Although, there is the argument that without childbearing, the continuity of the species would be imperiled, and life would cease to exist; and while this is true, however, it is another ethical matter, entirely—one that, if anything, falls incumbent upon the whole of the species (especially one imbued with a survival tool such that of consciousness), and not simply the individual parent, if continuity of life indeed be the primary concern.

This is to question, precisely, whether it should be the right of any one or two individual(s) to decide to bring life into this world, while knowing exactly what existence entails within this reality, and knowing that one can scarcely hope to control for the outcome and experience of that existence. What of global warming? Scarcity of resources? Wealth inequality? Broken marriages? Divorce? Disease? War? Heartbreak?

Our society views freedom, and the pursuit of fairytale aspirations, as the alpha and omega of existence, thus allowing any manner of individual to bring a child into this world, consequences be damned, as a means of obtaining fulfillment and personal gratification. But, cursed with the misery of existence, we do everything we can to distract ourselves from this existence, even to the point of ignoring the misery of others in this world who bear the same plight—a plight for which no one seems to have the “time” nor “headspace” to address when it comes to anyone but the self, and that should tell you everything you need to know about this selfish, miserable species.

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