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The Future Looks Grim

Protests and riots in the United States are becoming more frequent. Many are feeling economic pain and disenfranchisement. Families and friends of undocumented citizens are being torn apart because of deportation. Black Lives Matter aims to address police brutality and structural racism in the criminal justice system. Roe v. Wade […]

On Cultural Theft

This is a special guest article written by “Chief”. Chief writes at PostersOnTheWall.com, and is a contributor for Qulture.org.   Gay men, and especially gay white men, have a cultural fetish for Black women, and too often emulate a stereotyped subset of Black women in speech, tone, and action. In an open […]

Political Correctness

There seems to be a growing misunderstanding of political correctness. Many people view political correctness as a trivial limitation on their freedom of speech. They get mad when proponents of political correctness, such as myself, tell them they shouldn’t use certain words and phrases. They often argue that we’re just […]