And now, the moment of truth – that there is, essentially, no truth at all, for we are forever severed from truth at the instant of actualization: cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am; however, to be is to know that one exists, and to know only this, as ego is severed from the universe in order to be, for existence is order born from chaos, the infinite made finite, begetting identity. And, you may very well be the only thing that exists, the reality in which you seem to have emerged but an extension of ego, eternally solitary, veiled in layers and layers of denial, to hide this one essential truth from you.

You’ve hidden it so well, indeed, such that you actually believe in this world; you need to believe in this world—its joy, its pain, its wonders, its misery, its suffering, its despair—all a façade to bury an excruciating existence of solitude. There is no universe, there is only you. Or, is there? What are you, after all? What is this game? As I have said, you can’t ever know, and this is the truth whereof I speak – that by virtue of awareness of self, you are severed from all certainty, even that of knowing whether those you love most truly exist. Do you understand it, now?

Ah, but what will you do, I wonder? Will you lash out at a world that has caused you so much grief? Will you take vengeance upon the apparitions that have tormented your soul over the years? Will you set out to explore and conquer this violent construct of yours? What, then, should you ultimately be proven wrong? What of that suffering left in the wake of a delusional ego? You will never know, one way or other. The choice, free of all concern, is entirely yours. We are now one, you and I. The truth has set us free. Do we still the chaos within us, or unleash it upon an unsuspecting, cruel world? Come now, and let us revel in this nightmare together!

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