The Greater Good

If anything, the “greater good” is the continuity of life, not your voice, nor your happiness. The individual cannot sustain itself without the species, and the species cannot sustain itself without sufficient biodiversity; ergo, sustainability of biodiversity is paramount.

Consider me an “environmental authoritarian”, if you must. Were I the member of another “intelligent” (how so ever one defines this) species on this planet, I would be seeking a solution to the human problem, in much the same manner as humanity has sought to eradicate SARS-CoV-2.

We brazenly devastate entire ecosystems, wiping out species and upsetting the biological balance of the planet, with little regard for even the life of our own species. That humanity should be exempt of such terrestrial terrorization is anthropocentric and, ultimately, immoral.

The beauty of consciousness is that of its capacity to stand independently of the herd, and to, when necessary, declare oneself “antagonist”—to, by right of power, declare oneself judge, jury, and executioner of reality, not unlike what humanity has done to other life on this planet. Not a one of you is special, in this regard.

One question that many philosophers seem to have trouble answering is “So, what?” At which point, one is left only with appealing to empathy, but without empathy, all moral pretense fails, as all houses of cards predicated upon faulty axioms should. The universe is chaos.

Should one fault the soul for becoming swept up in this hurricane of chaos, within a construct for which it did not choose the rules? Society fears “insanity”, or chaos, because it is something with which one cannot reason. Although, what of those who willingly embrace the insanity?

What power does the intellect hold over the natural will, should reason fail? Philosophers are the enemy of reason, not its champion. What philosophers seek to impose upon the will is an attempt to restrain the power of ego, the true arbiter of justice within this virtual reality.

We, you – I – exist within a virtual reality wherein the will exists as a force of nature thereof an indifference to the ultimate end, and, especially, the means whereby said end becomes actualized. Ego is merely the perspective through which such narratives are observed.

Your individual struggle in life is your own narrative. We live, we fight, we die, so that life may continue. It is past time to abandon these cultural constructs of the past that keep us divided, ones that corporate America exploit at every given opportunity.

I do not believe we will see our way through this era via “freedom” and “democracy”. Earth requires global and domestic unity, so as to safeguard the miracle of life from a sixth mass extinction. We literally no longer have the time for these social games.

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