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An Appeal to Our Humanity (Part 2)

You’ll notice this is “part 2” of a blog article titled “An Appeal to Our Humanity.” Originally, this title was going to be part of a series of my own personal critiques and insights about individual policies and issues since Trump was elected, however so much has taken place that […]

The Future Looks Grim

Protests and riots in the United States are becoming more frequent. Many are feeling economic pain and disenfranchisement. Families and friends of undocumented citizens are being torn apart because of deportation. Black Lives Matter aims to address police brutality and structural racism in the criminal justice system. Roe v. Wade […]

The Future of the Democratic Party

I’m tired of liberal opinion pieces arguing for how we need to understand the plight of white, heterosexual, working-class men — because, let me be honest, they’re becoming irrelevant. Not irrelevant as a people or of human beings worthy of respect like anyone else, but irrelevant as the reigning power […]