Under New Management

I wonder what would happen if we replaced every CEO with an AI program. If this article is any indication, stockholders could potentially save a lot of money. Moreover, executive pay could be reinvested into workers and companies, which would be FUCKING HILARIOUS, considering CEOs are out to replace labor with machine labor. It’s like, “Oh, shit, we didn’t see that coming”, i.e. plot twist: CEOs get replaced, wages substantially increase, quality of life significantly improves, and the economy gets a major productivity boost.

As I mentioned in one of my social media posts, technology is a matter of efficiency, allowing more units of output per units of input. When a particular technology becomes universally adopted within an economy, it should translate into less work and cheaper prices for everyone. However, the economic value gained per increased efficiency over time has been disproportionately distributed by those who own the means of production. But what happens if we remove executives from the equation altogether?

We need to demonstrate that artificial intelligence is capable of removing corporate executives from the economic equation. The notion that executives do more work is scientifically erroneous anyway. Business at the corporate level is just a numbers game. Thusly, install corporate AIs run by labor unions. Obviously, we have a ways to go before we are entirely confident in the ability of AI to fulfill such a role, but one must admit that what has been observed thus far looks extremely promising, at least within a predefined set of parameters—essentially, that whereof we have already been doing with LLMs.